A lot of people ask " how do I get the best deal on a vehicle?" There are a lot of ways to make sure you get the best deal. Some tequniques and tricks to making sure you get the best deal may vary depending on the vehicle you are looking for (looking for a Ferrari for example). 

The basics to getting the best deal on any vehicle you are purchasing is making sure you can trust your dealer. The best way to do this is to ask some questions you already know the answer to. If you get some long-winded response and it sounds like a made-up response...move on. You want to buy a vehicle from someone you can trust. The auto industry is not full of crooks and shady sales people. There are many well-rounded and trustworthy people that work in the auto industry. 

Now that you trust your car dealer, make sure you do your research! Here at Fusion Auto Sales we like to use CarGurus.com which makes sure we have the best price based on the vehicle and vehicles options. We aren't always the first on the list, but we tend to be within the top 10 in a 200 mile radius. We strive to be the lest expensive without cutting any corners and shortcuts in the process. It is very important to us that when our customers research our vehicles they know they are getting a great price as well as a great vehicle. We also use Carfax.com as help to ensure our customers have the best research options right in front of the.

After you have gotten the basics taken care of it is now time to negotiate. This to  a lot of people is very scary. Negotiating does not have to be. When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle always consider adding a warranty or some sort of protection to the vehicle to help negotiate. The reason for this is simple; it protects the vehicle. Nothing is worse than buying a vehicle and feeling like you got a great deal then five days later have to put a new angine in it!. 

I hope these tips help. If you have any questions or would like some help making sure you get the very best deal let us know! call 616-426-6230 or email us at fusionautosales1@gmail.com